Requirements for inviting Thermo-Liner-Group for your Event.


Thermo-Liner-Group is only taking part at Events, which fit our Event-Requirements. Exceptions can be made for “Year-Anniversary”-Event, “VTC-Closing”-Events and “VTC-Opening”-Events of a VTC with an Founder known to us. Please check your Event by yourself, before inviting us.

  • The Event must follow the TruckersMP-Event-Rules
  • max. 2 active Event-Invites per VTC
  • The Route of the Convoy must be under 1.300km


Thermo-Liner-Group is NOT attending to any kind of Charity-Event!
Exceptions: Charity-Events by very well-known Organizers like “TruckersMP”, “TruckersFM” and TruckersMP-verified-VTCs. (The Event must be hosted via the TruckersMP-VTC).

In the past, a few Charity-Events were hosted by companys and organizations, which didn’t even donated anything and just used the “Charity-Event” to get as most people attending to their Event. This happend to often, that’s why we decided to not attend to Charity-Events anymore.


We taking care, which Events we support and about the quality of the Event, to give our Drivers the best Trucking-Experience while being in Thermo-Liner-Group. Also, everybody should have a chance to invite us to his Event, so we also limited the max. amount of active invites.