Please read before invite, to take it right…


Before inviting Thermo-Liner-Group please make sure, that your Event fit with our Event-Requirements.

  • Events and Convoys should NOT take part in the European Meal-Times ( 10:01 till 12:00 UTC and 15:01 UTC till 17:00 UTC).
  • Thermo-Liner-Group is only taking part at a Charity-Event, if the Hosting Company can give a proof of a Donation to the Charity-Organisation.
  • Thermo-Liner-Group is accepting max. 2 Events per 1 company, club or organisation per month.
  • max. 2 active Event-Invites per VTC.
  • The Route of the Convoy must be under 1.300km.

Thermo-Liner-Group can withdraw an accepted invitation at any time through an internal vote in the management.


It’s simple: We want to give everyone a chance to invite Thermo-Liner-Group to their convoy. That’s why we have to limit the Invites per VTC, because we are getting to many.