Rule 1 – the Founder is always right!


§1.1 – RULES ARE FOR EVERYONE Every Discord-User on this Discord-Server has to act after these rules, directly after he officially joins the server. §1.2 – DISCORD-COMMUNITY-GUIDELINES These Discord-Server-Rules also includes the official Discord-Community-Guidelines. Also, §1.1 applies for this rule. https://discord.com/guidelines
§2.1 – PERSONAL DATA Thinks like telephonenumber, adress, passwords or similar are not allowed to be shared in any chats in this server. 
§2.2 – ADVERTISING No advertisement in every channel execpt of 🔦advertising. Every advertisement with affiliate-links (links where you or a company gains money with ads on the website and or a link-redirection after a few seconds) aren’t allowed. 
§2.3 – REACTIONS Reactions at messages of this Discord-Servers are treated as messages and are subordinate of the Discord-Community-Guidelines “Respect Each Other”. Reaction name and emoji picture included.
§3 – IMPERSONATING Impersonations of any kind are not allowed. This applies mainly (but is not limited) to TruckersMP-Staff or retired Staff, public-known-persons and virtual- or real-life- companies and their members or staff.
§4 – DIRECT-MESSGAGES Using this Discord-Server to gain contact to other Discord-Users to advertise in their Direct-Messages is not allowed!
§5 – LISTEN TO STAFF Every User has to listen to instructions from the @deleted-role in every chat, every voice-chat and every category or features on this Discord-Server! 
5.1 – PUNISHMENTS Members of the upper-staff (management and higher) of Thermo-Liner-Group decide the type and length of the punishments independently. Characteristics of the punishments are determined by the number of violated rules and the weight of the violated rule(s). Penalties are negotiable. However, a rejection of a negotiation must be accepted.
§6 – SUSPICIOUS The upper-staff (management and higher) of Thermo-Liner-Group can exclude every user from this Discord-Server for a maximum of 30 days, if there is a suspicion of a violation of this user or if there is a high probability that the user will violate our Discord-Server-Rules in the next 30 days.
§7 – NICKNAMES All Nicknames on this Server have to be fully pingable. If you’re nickname isn’t pingable, our Discord-Bot will automatically rename your nickname.
§8 – CHANGING THE RULES The upper-staff (management or higher) of Thermo-Liner-Group can change the rules of this Discord-Server with a internal vote and the founders of Thermo-Liner-Group can change the rules of this Discord-Server directly. The rules can be changed without notifying anyone.